Aug 042015

Another great interview. This one is in fact the motherlode of all Diodes interviews done in 2007 the night before before our Dundas Square show by Greg Dick on CIUT Equalizing Distort. This one’s huge, it runs over 2 hours, everyone was there (including Liz Worth and Rob Sikora in the control room). We went over everything, so much in fact that as Liz was completing her book this interview was cited as one of the sources, it truly is all-encompassing, an instant capsule history of Toronto punk. In 2 parts, can be downloaded or streamed

Part 1

Part 2

Aug 012015

OK, just found this it’s great. A phone interview I did with Lou Molinaro‚Äč of This Ain’t Hollywood on his radio show in 2010. About 40 minutes, we talk about just about everything and anything. you can stream or download

Jun 102015

Back in the good old days of vinyl, if you bought our first album you found that the lyrics were proudly emblazoned over the paper disk sleeve. Some time back, probably during the preparations for the 2007 shows I sat down and scanned them, inverted for readability and gathered together into a single pocket friendly PDF file. So here they are, typed by hand in authentically distressed typewriter print and featuring a few amusing typos/misunderstandings mostly located in China Doll (formally Jerry Hall). Cheekbone plane metamorphosed into the unduly critical “Cheekbone plain” and “Runway” (you know, where those model types strut their stuff) girl turned into the functional but incorrect “runaway girl”. Sadly, references to Jerry from the previous lyric set such as “Herr Warhol says she’s the best” are missing.

Download Here:

 photo chinadoll.jpg

May 082015

Way back in 1999 Sony finally released our first 2 albums on CD. It was a long project that we first started looking at as early as about 1994 maybe even earlier. Initially various parties were interested in licensing it and it was much simpler at that point but then Sony decided that they would release it. It took a long time as whoever was in charge of the project would come and go and everything would more or less start all over again.
The good thing was that along the way they became happy to hand over most of the artistic control to us, so in the end the package was probably 10 times better than it would have been otherwise. Ralph Alfonso gathered the tracks and did the booklet. I took charge of selecting and in some cases finishing off the unreleased extras and alternative versions. I also created the eps artwork for all the various Diodes logos and even did the eps version of the original epic logo that graces the CD. Sony hadn’t used it in almost 20 years and it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve used it since they’re using my version!

So that’s a pocket history of the CD. To launch it we got booked for a single song performance on “Open Mike With Mike Bullard”, prime time Saturday night TV. We did the show with Mike Lengyell (now in Vancouver) on drums and John Hamilton so all the recorded members of the band were there. In fact as I recall every member who was ever in the band was in that room which is quite saying something.

Special shouts go out to:
The late Steven Davey who gathered together every reachable person (at that time) from the original Toronto Punk scene in the audience.
To the CITY broadcast sound engineers who let me take away a digital dump of the proper audio which years later has allowed me to restore this to better than broadcast quality rather than the diabolical sound on the VHS.
To Robert Godfrey who did the video transfer.

What’s funny is that at the time it never even occurred to us to do any more. That would take another 7 years.