Studio Albums:

The Diodes – November 1977 – CBS
Recorded at Manta Studios Toronto
Producer – Bob Gallo
Engineer – Hayward Parrott

Available as Vinyl PES-90441 8-Track KESA-90441 and Compact Cassette KEST-90441

Released – November 1979 – CBS Epic
Recorded at Eastern Sound Studios Toronto
Producer – Bob Gallo
Engineers – “Stereo Peters” – Mixed by Hayward Parrott

2nd album on CBS/Epic. Note, “Burn Down Your Daddy’s House” was removed from the track order (promoting violence or some such nonsense) and replaced with Red Rubber ball from the first album since it had featured on the US Permanent Wave compilation. This was actually recorded the summer of 1978 but fell victim to CBS’s inability to get an immediate US release ending in them “releasing” the band. After the Permanent Waves compilation came out CBS put the album out.

Vinyl release PEC 80002

Action/Reaction – October 1980 – Orient Records
Recorded at Amber Studios Toronto
Produced by Willi Morrison and Ian Guenther
Engineer – George Semkiw

Vinyl release OLP-001 Cassette OCT-001

Tired Of Waking Up Tired – The Best Of The Diodes – 1998 Epic label Sony Music
First 2 CBS/Epic albums gathered together on CD with outtakes.

CD release EK 80320 Sony France issue 2004 SMM 516095 2

Action/Reaction – 2011 Bongo Beat Records
Recorded at Amber Studios Toronto
Produced by Willi Morrison and Ian Guenther
Engineer – George Semkiw

3rd album reissue, remastered with extensive additional material

CD Reissue BB 1977-2

Live Albums:

Time Damage Live 1978 – 2010 Rave Up Records (Italy)
Recorded Live at The El Mocambo Toronto March 3rd 1978

“Brings back the savage power of earlier 60s bands like The Yardbirds with the relentless chord-pounding blows”

Limited Edition Vinyl release RUR 060, 0060

Compilations and Outtake Collections:

Survivors – 1982 Fringe Records
A compilation of previously unreleased outtakes from all 3 studio albums, demos and live material

Available as Vinyl FP3003

Permanent Wave – 1979 CBS Epic
US New Wave/Punk compilation, features “Red Rubber Ball”

Available as Vinyl JE36136

D.I.Y. Come Out And Play American Powerpop I (1975-78) – 1993 Rhino Records
Power pop compilation, features “Tired Of Waking Up Tired

CD Release R4 71177

England’s Dreaming (compiled by Jon Savage) – 2004 Trikont
Punk compilation to accompany Jon Savage’s book of the same name, features “Time Damage”

CD Release US-0325

Vinyl Release TRIKONT US-0325-1


RAW WAR Sept 1977
Recorded before the closing of the Crash ‘n Burn but released a few months later Raw War is less music and more a record of a performance piece. This was the closer to the agreement with CEAC to participate in a performance in London Ontario in trade for rehearsal space which lead in turn to the opening of the Crash ‘n’ Burn.

Red Rubber Ball/We’re Ripped – 1997 Columbia
7” w picture sleeve
Single C4-4168 Mono Promo DJC4-4168

Tired Of Waking Up Tired/Teenage Nation – 1978 CBS Epic
7” Single E4-4240

Tired Of Waking Up Tired/Child Star – 1978 CBS Epic
7” Single S EPC 6531
UK 7” Single S EPC 6531

Strange Time 1980 Orient Records
7” Single 045-001

Catwalker/Action Reaction – 1980 Orient Records
7” Single 045-003

Cover Versions:

No these aren’t us but it’s a truly fantastic thing to have your material covered by another artist. Lets just say we appreciate it enormously.

Change Of Heart / Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet ‎– Tired Of Waking Up Tired 1991 Cargo Records

Tribute single with versions of “Tired Of Waking Up Tired” by both bands. This is a marvellous thing, a rockin’ version from Change Of Heart and no less than an instrumental surf version from Shadowy Men, what more could you want!!

Picture Sleeve
7” Single Green or Purple vinyl CAR 702
Compact Cassette CAR 702

Yesterday’s Kids – Everything Used To Be Better 2001 Panic Button, Lookout! Records
Features cover of “Tired Of Waking Up Tired”

CD release Panic Button PB-289CD Lookout! Records LK-267CD

Selected recordings featuring Diodes members:

The Bop Cats – Kiss Goodbye EP 1981 LAT1113
John Catto guested playing guitar on “Train Kept A Rollin” recorded live at the lovely Larry’s Hideaway

The Grid – 1990 Floatation Progressive Mix Remix by Olimax and DJ Shapps WEA YZ475TX
Features John Catto on guitar

The Secrets – Teenage Rampage – Other Peoples Music ‎– OPM2113
Recordings from 1978 featuring John Hamilton on bass along with Freddie Pompeii, Motor Mike and Chris Hate