Jun 102015

Back in the good old days of vinyl, if you bought our first album you found that the lyrics were proudly emblazoned over the paper disk sleeve. Some time back, probably during the preparations for the 2007 shows I sat down and scanned them, inverted for readability and gathered together into a single pocket friendly PDF file. So here they are, typed by hand in authentically distressed typewriter print and featuring a few amusing typos/misunderstandings mostly located in China Doll (formally Jerry Hall). Cheekbone plane metamorphosed into the unduly critical “Cheekbone plain” and “Runway” (you know, where those model types strut their stuff) girl turned into the functional but incorrect “runaway girl”. Sadly, references to Jerry from the previous lyric set such as “Herr Warhol says she’s the best” are missing.

Download Here:


 photo chinadoll.jpg