Aug 172015

A compilation of photos from Adam Swica’s Crash ‘n’ Burn contact sheets. All at the Crash ‘n Burn July 29/30 (Diodes/Boyfriends) and closing night Aug 5/6 1977 (Dead Boys/Diodes). Sighted in the Audience Lucasta Ross and Xenia Holiday of the B-Girls and Gyda Gash, then girlfriend of Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys these days bassist with Judas Priestess.

Aug 042015

Another great interview. This one is in fact the motherlode of all Diodes interviews done in 2007 the night before before our Dundas Square show by Greg Dick on CIUT Equalizing Distort. This one’s huge, it runs over 2 hours, everyone was there (including Liz Worth and Rob Sikora in the control room). We went over everything, so much in fact that as Liz was completing her book this interview was cited as one of the sources, it truly is all-encompassing, an instant capsule history of Toronto punk. In 2 parts, can be downloaded or streamed

Part 1

Part 2